“Oceans” is the theme at the DSC portion of the science museum this year, so about one third of the exhibits will be ocean-related.  Ellen McHenry said, “We’ll have our crochet coral reef on display, as well as a coral reef ‘eel wall’ with moray eel puppets embedded in a section of reef.  Also, coral reef fishing, two beach combing activities, and an exhibit featuring a diorama of the ecosystem under the ice shelf around Antarctica, complete with mini field guide.  Some perennial favorites will be back, as well, such as the pendulum sand table, Puzzle Island, the zoo table, the architectural blocks, Putt N Learn, and the “Ex-pour-iment Factory.”  Bring the kids to the Hands-on Science Museum all four days of the festival in Center Court. There will be a reduced number of exhibits on Sunday afternoon.

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